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Welcome to F. Garcia Foods! We provide the highest value and simplest way to purchase bulk beans and grains online, free shipping included!

Whether you are buying our food products for your family to enjoy immediately, or storing them for emergency situations, buying bulk beans and grains has never been easier. We include free shipping to all our customers within the continental United States, no matter how much you purchase. That’s correct: FREE SHIPPING! Shop our products now!

Since 1974, F.Garcia has supplied bulk food products throughout the Southeast United States and Caribbean. We are one of the most recognized exporters of dry beans and grains in the industry. Our food products are beans, rice, corn, and wheat.

For nearly 40 years we are proud to consistently deliver value and quality to our customers. If you have any questions regarding our prices or shipping please call us at 305-863-8006 or email us at info@fgarciafoodexport.com

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Pintos, blacks, navy’s and small red beans from 20-100 lb. bags.


Parboiled and Long Grain White Rice 50 and 100 lb. bags.

Wheat & Flour

Wheat and Flour
All Purpose Flour, Bulgur Wheat Packaged in 50lbs & 100lbs.

Yellow Corn #2

Yellow Corn No.2 for livestock & Food Grade Cornmeal

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