For over 40 years, our company has been dedicated to our customers in the food service industry and export markets. We now focus the same level of service and attention to our online family of customers. F.Garcia wanted to make purchasing bulk foods like dry beans and grains easy for everyone to enjoy! 
Slider_-6.jpgF.Garcia NON-GMO Beans are highly plentiful in vitamins and minerals. They are nutritionally dense, low in fat, and are a major source of plant protein. Eating beans helps lower blood levels of LDL cholesterol because of the soluble fiber they contain and are very low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Foods that are nutritious and filling are considered better alternatives for weight loss while foods having more essential nutrients per calorie are considered better for optimum health. Beans can be classified as both types of these foods and also have a low glycemic index. Besides our healthy bean products, F.Garcia Rice products are another healthy food choice and are gluten free, low in calories, non-fat, cholesterol free, low in sodium, and a excellent source of complex carbohydrates.


Slider_-6.jpgShipping costs are included on all orders within the continental United States. Our quality, value, and convenience will have you glad you decided to purchase bulk dry beans and grains with F.Garcia Foods We are America's leading online food service supplier of high quality bulk foods in the United States.


F. Garcia Wholesale & Export Inc. started in 1974 back in Miami-FL. We first began servicing small clients, local suppliers, & dealers with assorted dry food products. Our company is known for quality food products & first class service always keeping our customer's needs first. Being reliable and originating the highest quality agricultural products has allowed us to expand globally. F.Garcia is a trusted supplier of wholesale bulk dry beans & grains to customers around the world. We wanted to make it easy for families & individuals to order our products right to their home, or place of business. Our team has redesigned the eCommerce store to be more friendly, faster, and easier for consumers to purchase bulk dry beans and grains.
As a family owned business, we know the importance of good food in maintaining a healthy-balanced life. F.Garcia understands the diverse needs of our consumers and considers each bag of product as it were going into our own kitchen. This is why many of our products meet the standards for gluten free, vegan, & vegetarian diets. Our family is proud to offer the highest quality bulk dry beans and grains to customers. Our company is a leading supplier in the United States of quality bulk dry beans and grains that originate from American growers. Processing with the latest equipment of sorters + cleaning technology all our bulk dry beans and grains are graded by the USDA for quality assurance.

If you have any questions please email us at: or you can also call us toll free at 1-844-766-6877.


Bulk Food

F.Garcia provides the most affordable way to buy bulk food. We offer bag sizes in 20 lb. 25 lb. 50 lb. & 100 lb. bags. Our products are delivered straight to your door anywhere in the continental United States. F.Garcia's e-commerce store lets you buy bulk for family and friends. If you are looking to store for emergency situations we are the easiest way to purchase bulk food. Large families who eat rice and beans on a daily basis can save money by purchasing our products. Social events like cookouts or food banks can also make use of  bulk food sizes.  All our food products are grown by farmers in the United States of America.
F.Garcia food products originate from different agricultural growing regions in the United States. Our rice products originate from the largest US rice producing states of Arkansas & Louisiana. F.Garcia bulgur is grown in heartland of Kansas by dedicated wheat farmers. Our dry bean products are grown in several states in the Upper Midwest and Rocky Mountain regions. Missouri & Iowa corn growers are responsible for F.Garcia's yellow corn products. Our entire network of growers, processors, & employees make it possible to bring the highest quality American agricultural products from the field to your dinner plate. Helping to make family meals healthy, delicious, and easy is our part of our privilege.
Every food product offered has been carefully planted, harvested, & processed to USDA standards for quality assurance. F.Garcia invites you to become part of our family of customers who understand quality agriculture means good food!