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Welcome! F.Garcia Foods provides the best and most affordable way to buy bulk dried beans and grains online and have them delivered straight to your door.

F.Garcia lets you buy bulk dried beans and grains online for your family to enjoy at the dinner table or store them for emergency situations, food banks, or large social events. For 40 years, our company has been dedicated to our customers in the food service industry and export markets. We now focus that same level of service and attention at the retail market. Making bulk purchases of dried beans and grains has never been easier or more economic.

Shipping Costs are included for all orders within the continental United States, no matter how much of products you purchase. That’s correct: Shipping costs are included on all products! Our prices, quality and convenience will have you satisfied you chose to purchase your bulk dried beans and grains online through us. F.Garcia is considered one of the most dependable suppliers and purveyors of high quality bulk food products in the United States

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Our e commerce store began several years ago in order to give the home consumer an opportunity to buy bulk dried beans and grains online from the comfort of their home. F.Garcia’s high quality food products surpass those of our online competitors such as Costco, BJs & Amazon due to our experience and high standards. You can taste the difference! Reliability, service and outstanding quality is what you can expect from every order you place online with us. We offer a secure check out to safeguard all our valued customers from identity theft and hackers.

For 40 years we have consistently delivered value and high quality food products to our loyal customers. Be part of our customer family and buy bulk dried beans and grains online with F.Garcia. If you have any questions regarding our prices or shipping terms please email us at info@fgarciafoodexport.com. You can also call us toll free at 1-844-766-6877.


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