• Long Grain Parboiled Rice

Long Grain Parboiled Rice


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Long Grain Parboiled Rice

F.Garcia brand is the highest quality long grain parboiled rice available in the rice industry. Customers can buy F.Garcia parboiled rice online in 50LB. bags. F.Garcia long grain parboiled rice is grown and processed in the State of Arkansas. Parboiled rice undergoes a steaming process helping it retain vitamins. The long grain parboiled rice bran soaks into the kernels and gives it’s unique healthful benefits. Due to the steaming process the rice kernels turn light golden. Long grain parboiled rice should separate and be fluffy once cooked. F.Garcia brand is a premium long grain parboiled rice. It is cholesterol free, fat free, gluten free, and sodium free. Parboiled rice also has longer shelf life due to it’s processing versus white long grain rice.

Our network consists of American growers using the best equipment and processing methods. Our goal to deliver the highest quality long grain parboiled rice to customers around the world. Process is very important to F.Garcia when it comes to quality assurance. Our F.Garcia parboiled rice cleaning facilities use the most advanced sorting, milling, and cleaning technology in the rice industry. Every load of F.Garcia parboiled rice goes through vigorous processing, scrutiny for quality assurance, and proper guidelines.

No matter which type of rice products you are interested in they all have reasons why you should eat rice. Rice contains complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, & many other healthful benefits…and besides it taste delicious! Combining rice and pinto beans together in a meal creates a complete plant protein source. Dietary guidelines call for an increased intake of plant protein for millions of Americans.

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