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Michigan Black Beans


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Our beans are the highest quality black beans in the market because they are NON-GMO, Gluten Free, Grown, and Packaged in the USA.  We sell Michigan Black Beans in 20lb. 25lb. 50lb. or 100lbs bags and offer free shipping to anywhere in the continental USA

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Michigan Black Beans

F.Garcia only offers the highest quality dried Black Beans for bulk purchase. Get Free Shipping to anywhere in the continental USA when you buy our Michigan Black Beans! We sell 20, 25, 50 and 100 pound bags.

Firstly, Michigan black bean growers produce the best black beans. F.Garcia’s black beans grow in the richest soil conditions. Moisture from the Great Lakes combines with the fertile soil in Michigan’s thumb region. As a result, Michigan produces some of the most tender, flavorful and easy to cook black beans.

When it comes to quality assurance, process is very important to us. Quality assurance and proper sanitation are key to providing the best black beans. Because of this, F.Garcia’s growers use the best equipment and processing methods. Also our partners’ facilities only utilize the most advanced sorting and cleaning technologies. Consequently, every load of Michigan Black beans undergoes vigorous processing.

Since you work hard to prepare and cook delicious meals, you don’t want poor quality beans to ruin your favorite dishes. Also, trusted chefs and national food service companies want the best dry beans possible. Consequently, F.Garcia only supplies the highest quality black beans.

Also called Turtle beans, black beans are medium-sized, oval-shaped beans. They have matte-black skin and a sweet taste. The recommended serving is 3 cups of beans per week. Combine rice and black beans to make a complete source of protein.

Lastly, F.Garcia delivers the highest quality Michigan black beans to you. We also only offer the best black beans to our customers around the world. Most of all, once you try F.Garcia’s high-quality Michigan Black beans, you’ll understand why so many people love them.

Purchase Michigan black beans in bulk today and get your 20, 25, 50 or 100 pound bag shipped Free to your doorstep!



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