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Michigan Navy Beans


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Our beans are the highest quality black beans in the market because they are NON-GMO, Gluten Free, Grown, and Packaged in the USA.  We sell Michigan Black Beans in 20lb. 25lb. 50lb. or 100lbs bags and offer free shipping to anywhere in the continental USA!

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Michigan Navy Beans

F.Garcia’s Michigan Navy Beans are sold in 25 pound bags and shipped right to your door! When it comes to tenderness, flavor, and cooking results, the State of Michigan grows the best navy beans. The nearby Great Lakes create a special climate in Michigan’s dry bean growing areas. Therefore the moisture from the Great Lakes combines with Michigan’s fertile soil creating a unique and special growing climate. Michigan is also one of the oldest and largest producers of beans in the United States. The experience from generations of bean growers in Michigan is one of many reasons Michigan grows the best navy beans in the world.

Our navy beans grow in the richest soil in Michigan’s thumb region. Our network consists of dedicated growers who use the best equipment and processing methods. They thoroughly process every load of beans for quality assurance and proper cleaning. Because of this, we deliver the highest quality navy beans to customers around the world.

Since you work hard to prepare delicious meals for your loved ones, we don’t want poor quality to ruin your favorite bean dishes. F.Garcia’s bean products are customer favorites. Our navy beans are perfect for baked beans, soups, and hearty stews. Once your family experiences the taste, texture, and quality in F.Garcia Michigan Navy Beans, they will understand why our beans are top quality.

White navy beans, also called haricots, pearl haricot beans, or pea beans are small, dry white beans. These oval-shaped beans are smaller than many other types of white beans. In addition, they are very healthy. Navy beans help balance blood sugar levels and are a rich source of dietary fiber. The also have anti-cancer properties. Combining rice and Michigan navy beans together makes a complete protein. In general, the recommended serving of beans is 3 cups per week.

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