• Michigan Small Red Beans

Michigan Small Red Beans


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Our beans are the highest quality small red beans in the industry because they are NON-GMO, Gluten Free, Grown, and Packaged in the USA.

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F.Garcia Michigan Small Red Beans

Searching for the highest quality small red beans available? F.Garcia offers the best in the industry. Buy a 25-pound bulk bag of F.Garcia’s Michigan Small Red Beans today and get Free Shipping to anywhere in the continental USA!

Everyone wants to give their loved ones good food that is also tasty. However, low-quality ingredients can only make low-quality meals. As a result, starting with the best ingredients is key to great meals. Families, chefs and food service companies choose F.Garcia beans because they want the highest quality dry beans possible. Our Michigan Small Red Beans are the most tender, flavorful and easiest cooking small red beans.

Our family’s goal is to deliver the highest quality food to customers around the world. Consequently, the difference in our beans starts in the ground. Dedicated American growers use the rich soil of Michigan’s thumb region to produce our beans. In this region, the special moisture conditions of the nearby Great Lakes combine with the fertile soil. Therefore our growers have a unique growing climate for bean production. The result is the best small red beans in the world.

Because we value quality, F.Garcia’s Michigan Small Red Beans are thoroughly scrutinized before reaching your table. Our extensive network of bean growers and processors use USDA methods and the best processing equipment. Cleaning facilities thoroughly process F.Garcia’s red beans. They use the most advanced cleaning technologies to inspect and properly handle every load of beans.

F.Garcia’s Michigan Small Red beans are oval-shaped and dark red in color. Also known as Mexican Red beans, these red beans are smaller than other types of kidney beans like Light Red Kidneys or Dark Red Kidney beans.

Order a 25-pound bulk bag of F.Garcia’s Michigan Small Red Beans today and taste the difference!

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