• Yellow Corn Meal
  • Yellow Corn Meal.

Yellow Corn Meal


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F.Garcia yellow corn meal products is grown, processed, and packaged in the USA. Our corn products are food service ready and ideal for families at home who want to save money buying in bulk.

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Yellow Corn Meal

F.Garcia sells Yellow Corn Meal in three varieties: Coarse, Medium and Fine. Customers who buy any of these corn meal varieties online receive them right on their doorstep. Buy F.Garcia’s Bulk Yellow Corn Meal in 50 pound bags online today and get Free Shipping to anywhere in the continental USA! Our company delivers the highest quality and service to customers around the world. Because of this, we use only the best corn products from the the heart of the United States Corn Belt. Our network of American corn farmers grows and processes our corn meal with the best equipment and processing methods.

When it comes to quality assurance and proper sanitation, process is very important to us. As a result, our yellow corn meal processors adhere to the highest standards in the industry. Our corn milling facilities use the most advanced sorting, milling and cleaning technology available. These facilities vigorously process and scrutinize every load of F.Garcia yellow corn meal.

F.Garcia’s corn meal undergoes various processes during milling which include pre-cleaning, equilibration for consistent moisture, tempering, de-germination and color sorting. Our network of processors utilizes several types of milling equipment during the processing stage including Hammer Mill, Roller Mille and Attrition Mill.Ground from dried corn (maize), corn meal is a staple food used in almost every culture around the world. The different varieties have different consistencies and also different uses. Some baked goods like corn muffins and cornbread use corn meal. It is also useful as breading for fried foods. In addition, tortillas and tamales are made with some types of corn meal.

Most importantly, yellow corn meal is a healthy food. It is gluten free and a good source of certain minerals like magnesium, selenium, iron and thiamin. F.Garcia packages Yellow Corn Meal in 50 pound bags. Buy a bag today and receive Free Shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states!



50 LBS Course, 50 LBS Medium, 50 LBS Fine