• Yellow Corn Meal
  • Yellow Corn Meal.

Yellow Corn Meal


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Yellow Corn Meal

 F.Garcia brand is the highest quality yellow corn meal available in the industry. Customers can buy F.Garcia corn meal online in 50LB. bags. Our corn meal is grown and processed in the in the heart of the United States Corn Belt. Our product undergoes various processes using different types of mills. The types of milling equipment include Hammer Mill, Roller Mille, and Attrition Mill. It undergoes various process during milling which include pre-cleaning, equilibration for consistent moisture, tempering, de-germination, and color sorting.

Our network consists of American corn growers using the best equipment and processing methods. Our goal to deliver the highest quality and service to customers around the world. Process is very important to F.Garcia when it comes to quality assurance. Our F.Garcia corn milling facilities use the most advanced sorting, milling, and cleaning technology in the corn milling industry. Every load of F.Garcia yellow corn meal goes through vigorous processing, scrutiny for quality assurance, and proper sanitation guidelines.

F.Garcia Yellow Corn Meal is packaged in 50LB. bags.

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